Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Easy, Refreshing Summer Snack

It's hot, humid and sticky in the big "O" and I'm feeling it. Trying to stay cool or just enjoying a healthy snack is a chore. My favorite snack are apples. Unfortunately, they're very expensive and for the price of one here I can buy a bag full back home. But I love apples and when I have the extra scratch , I get an apple or two. When I first got to Japan, I noticed that when ever I was served an apple, it would be peeled, cut and washed in salt. Of course, the salt prevents browning of the apple, but for my taste, not the ideal way. Back home I would wipe my knife with a lime or a lemon, cut the apple, then squeezed more lemon on it after I'm done cutting it. Now, a new twist. The benefits of apple vinegar are endless(some people drink it with some honey everyday) and that got me to experimenting.

Frozen Vinegar Apple

One frozen
large Apple
Apple vinegar

Freeze the apple first, then wash in lukewarm water and the rind should come right off. Slice and de-core and place the slices in a bowl. Pour some apple vinegar and eat! The sweetness of the apple and vinegar flavor go great together. And to further make it a summer treat, freeze it in a plastic container and eat when ever. Now you have a frozen, refreshing, tasty treat. Enjoy!