Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chasing Waterfalls on Rokko Mountain

Sunday was another cool event hooked up by the venerable Mr. Yamanoh, a man who seems to have his fingers to the pulse of the Osaka Art/Music scene. On a small clearing on the way to the top, there's a shrine, a waterfall and a few "chaya" or tea houses, one of which Yamanoh and the rest of the Common Cafe Gang will be running every weekend all through the summer. Check it out, Yama Cafe.

Since it was the first of such weekends, Mr. Yamanoh gathered a few musicians to play some tunes and entertain the hikers, picnic goers and anyone enjoying some tea or wine this fine spring day.

Although it was a beautiful location, the waterfall was very loud and it made it difficult to hear myself. Consequently, although I played well, I was disappointed with my vocals. Still a fun day and there should be more of them in the in the future. and if so, I will consider one of these ;)

I put up some videos on YouTube under my new handle "HanibalMusic". Using my new Canon Power Shot SX100is
I had the videos taken, but unfortunately I'm still learning how to use it so my instead of getting full 4-5min vids like I know it can, I took some choppy ones. Every vid has a part one and part two. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please check them out. Here's some fun with my song "Persistence of Time".