Saturday, August 02, 2008

Pineapple Guts

One of the things I enjoy about the summers here is the mass amount of seasonal drinks that become available as soon as the temperature rises. I shouldn't expect anything less from the corporate marketing machines that fuel the local economy, but when I see "mandarin orange tea, limited time only", well, I always get suckered in. Actually, these drinks are not limited to the summer. Beer and tea companies also have "winter brews", and last fall I even saw a "changing of the foliage brew", which turned out to be a red lager.

This summer season my hands down favorite has to be "Guts! with vitamin B", a pineapple flavored sports drink that comes in at a shade under a one hundred calories. Granted, artificial pineapple flavor, but after my first sip of this refreshing elixir, my taste buds helped unearth a distant memory buried somewhere in the hamper of my mind.

Growing up in Puerto Rico there was a company named Old Colony that made two flavors of soda: grape and pineapple. School yard debates raged on which flavor was better. The prevailing sentiment was that grape was hands down the best, but yours truly was always a pineapple man. One thing my mates and I could agree on was that nothing was better than pooling our money, hitting the local bakery, grabbing a fresh from the oven loaf of garlic bread and chasing it down with your choice of Old Colony on a hot summer day.

Remember, Guts! is for men with passion!