Friday, October 31, 2008

October Live

October 11th I was at my usual spot at Common Café, spewing out the anti-folk lyrics that decorate my melodies. A good crowd dropped in with guest appearances by some my new colleagues from the city of Amagasaki. My percussionist, Mr. Nishikubo was palpitating the rhythms on a cajon and shaking the maracas with his foot. It was a good crowd and a good set.

October 12th was a cold Sunday afternoon. It was the Midousuji Festival and before going on, I made the mistake of not going to the bathroom. Although a good group of friends were there for support, a full bladder, the cold breeze and a shy crowd contributed to my ever mounting nerves. Local audiences are not very warm even to their brethren, so I wasn’t expecting all out dancing, let alone clapping or toe tapping. I didn’t try reaching the audience and my disconnecting lead to a so-so set. Overall it was a good learning experience.