Monday, April 13, 2009

Sliding Doors

I stepped on the train and doors closed behind me. As the train shook, I clung to one of the hand rings over head like Mitch Gaylord and shuffled my feet. A man, perhaps in his fifties, threw me smile. I smiled and nodded. He then leaned forward and with great clarity said, "Do you speak English?" and I again nodded.

He continued, "30 years ago I moved from Osaka to Tokyo for my job. The people from Osaka thought I strange too. People from Osaka speak very different. We use different expressions, different pronunciation and many local words. Don't worry, you will be okay soon".

Don't know what prompted him to say this but I smiled for the rest of the day. The sky was gleaming at 6pm, the start of the evening shade. Do I say "evening" or "afternoon"? I don't know.