Monday, September 03, 2007

Break the glass

I closed my eyes despite 2 cups of coffee, and Nick Drake began singing.

The train was zooming, making sure it made it back to Nishi-Kita just in time for me to eat lunch. My stomach is running things now.

I was on the first caboose, or engine or whatever and I started thinking, "what if another train was coming on the same track, what to do?".

I think everyone likes to think they are valient, courageous, always ready to take action even after no sleep and 3 sheets to the wind(I'm not, NOT, drunk). Or are there people out there who know they would run for their life and trample whatever child, elderly or handicapped person stood in their way. Do we know?

I opened my eyes and took inventory: 1 child, 7 women, 4 elderly, 5 men and 1 Puerto Rican(that's me). Ok, I'll grab the kid, and maybe toss as many elderly as I can towards the opposite way. With my left hand, well, I probably need that to brace myself. What could I kick away? Ok, I'll use my legs to run. Matter of seconds people.

Between my legs is my messenger bag. In it, my songbook. All my ideas, songs, music, written in 0.5 lead pencil. Do I leave it behind? Crap.

The train stops. I'm near home and lunch. I chew on guarana gum(caffeine gum, nice).

Courage is a word that is tossed around these days a lot and saying that it has been de-valued is an understatement. Like any virtue that is truly witnessed, each opportune moment to display said virtue has 3 sides to it's story and only one is true. What is truly a display of courage in our world today?

I don't know what I would do on the train, or which way I would run, or would I display courage. I just know that I'm starving and I ...ah...have number 2 and my place is still another 10 minute walk away. That's courage in itself. Damn vices.


March 16, 2007 - Friday