Monday, September 03, 2007

One of the dumbest moments in history

This summer has been one of the most humid I've ever endured. Showering 3 times a day, and plenty of fluids. I was thirsty yesterday on the way to my train and I stopped, for a bottle of Minaqua, Lime flavor. My train was at 6:30. It was 6:21 when I walked in to the local pharmacy.

6:22: I was in line, with my water and 100 yen coin in hand. The girls ahead of me have a basket full of stuff, including an unhealthy amount of ふりかけ<furikake>(Flavored rice flakes) packets. A girl is running the register, a guy is counting, bagging and yelling out the amounts and cost.

6:23: The girls says," I forgot the amount". The register is frozen at 3,232 yen. The guy unpacks everything and starts to do it again.

6:24: The guy says he screwed up and he starts all over again. One of the girls had walked away and was on the way back. She noticed that all I had was bottle of water but didn't say anything, just gave me a half sympathetic glance. Now, any other country I would put the buck on the table and walk, but this is Japan. Every transaction is carried out fully and properly, with a receipt.

6:25: It's a slower pace to make sure it's done right. I'm debating putting the coin down or leaving it on the counter and running.

6:26: One of the girls says,"I think you counted that twice". They were going to start all over again, again.

6:27: I put the bottle back on a random shelf and walked.

6:29 I'm waiting on the train platform, hot and sweaty. I buy an Evian instead. Smaller bottle, more than a coin, but it was from an old lady stand, so support the old ladies I say.

Drink your liquids, stay hydrated, enjoy whats left of summer.