Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A meal means steak and wine.

What can cure my ails? Lately, Diner by Martin Sexton and Einstein on the Beach by the Counting Crows, with a little Sufjan, Drake, and Keys. A bit of my music and Beastie Boys. That's what dominates the Pod these days. Yep, got one. Black. 8gb. You get used to it I guess.

Last night was a bit of a drag down night. So I flip the Pod into a bit of pace tunes and start making the Japanese uncomfortable on the last leg of my train ride. Governator by Green Day takes me to my bike, where I meet up with Adam Duritz.

I had a nice Cabernet that I have been waiting to crack, a gift From Mr. Kubo, coolest Japanese teacher I have met. A 2000, read it up. This the last year to drink it and it looks to be a cherry.

What came to mind to pull me out of the doldrums? Garlic steak with Sauteed Spinach. Steak in Japan ain't cheap, but I got a bit of a deal and cooked nice.

Luis's Garlic steak with Sauteed Spinach:
Nice steak
Nice Bottle of Red (not Merlot!, something with body)
Garlic (fresh clove and minced)
Olive Oil

Dry Basil

Over medium heat, warm some oil and throw in the garlic clove after you've sliced it up. Turn off at light brown color for the garlic. Wait til the oil completely cools or it wil splatter and burn you. Add half a cup of water, and the chopped spinach. Med flame again, cover and let simmer. When the spinach starts wilting, add some minced garlic (buy a little jar). Add any more seasoning to taste ( I li
ke red pepper flakes). Cook spinach to desired firmness or mushiness ( I like a bit crisp with some wilting).

Meanwhile, rub salt, basil and pepper (or not) with the back of a medium sized spoon. Lower the flame again on the pan and place the steak on top of the spinach, cover. Cook until you can't see pink on both sides(works with any steak but remember the thicker and bigger, the more time to cook).

Now 2 choices: I have a broiler. Broil it, and keep watching it and turning it with a good pair of metal thongs (your best friend and tool in the kitchen) until how you like it(did mine medium). Or if you don't have a broiler, mid-high flame, a little bit of oil and flip the steak in there. Be carefu
l with the amount of oil and any wetness on the steak from the spinach.

There you have it, enjoy. You can do the same thing with fish(less cooking time), but chicken takes to long and too much bacteria when it's still half raw. Also, large slices of eggplant for a vegetarian style, add a little apple vinegar for flavor on the eggplant.