Thursday, August 16, 2007

Brown Now How? Cow, Stop That Now!

There's always two questions I always get asked around these parts when people find out that I am Hispanic/Puerto Rican. #1: Is my skin naturally this color? Why yes, I don't tan. I am a natural shade of café latte/au lait/ mocha. And #2: How do I stop aguacate/avocado/アボガド abogado(it means lawyer in Spanish, but somehow avocado in Japanese) from turning brown?
One way is the fresh lemon juice method, specifically when you make guacamole, squeeze some on top. Yesterday I made a Avocado Burger with homemade Potato Chips and Margaritas. Now, since I only used a couple of slices of aguacate, I had practically to whole halves left to make a salad, or eat local style, soy sauce and a fork. The old Puerto Rican trick that I learned is to leave the pit(big seed) in it. What would naturally keep it fresh and green than it's very own brown stopper. The picture I posted is of the one I cut then stored in the fridge for over night and as you can see, as enticing and edible as it was the day before. Hope this helps and remember, wear your sun block.