Monday, August 20, 2007

Murphy's, Shinsaibashi, August 19th

Well, it was smaller than I expected. That's no way a knock on Murphy's Pub, I love Irish bars and was happy to swallow a stout and some Bushmill's before I hit the mic. Usually with events they're usually at bigger venues, but yet with the talent turnout last night, it was perfect size. Including myself, only four performers turned out and cozy, warm buzz fill the pub.
I walked in to a soulful rendition of Redemption Song, and since I got lost twice trying to find the place, it was unfortunately the last song of the first act. A lovely lady with great pipes followed singing in Japanese, Portuguese and French plucking away on a ukulele. The third act was a couple Japanese guys doing pop covers who I had seen at other open mics before.
I was nervous. The turn out was decent for the space and most of the people were there to see me play. I was playing a whole new set, new songs and a new cover(Bare Naked Ladies - Be My Yoko Ono - which went over well), and the jitters were there. Plus being last on the list I was the de facto "Headliner". After playing Doing Time(a song I hadn't played live in 3 years), the jitters subsided and I felt like I was having fun. Thirty minutes later, I left the stage having played the longest set I've ever played live. I still have a lot of work to do and the mountain is still high, but last night felt good. And I followed it up with fish and chips and my first Magner's in ages.